37th Update

Sets: The Lucky Simoleon Casino
– The Lucky Simoleons Cas… [LuckySimoleonSET.Sims3Pack]

Bonus & Free Stuff: 3
– Hi-yo Candy Mountain Rangers, Away! Arcade Machine [arcadeMachineUnicorn.Sims3Pack]
– Outbreak: Zombie- Attack of the Braaainzzz!! Arcade Machine [arcadeMachineZombie.Sims3Pack]
– Perfect Prickers [SPBcactusSet.Sims3Pack]


36th Update

Sets: Technophobe No More, Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom and Bathroom Collection
– Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom and Bathroom Collection [ConjCambo-17-05-12.Sims3Pack]
– Technophobe No More [GGWorkFromHomeNSOSET.Sims3Pack]

Bonus & Free Stuff: 7
– Lunar Lakes Rocks [LLRocksSET.Sims3Pack]
– Super 7.5 Deluxe Suite- In Room Dining Chair [chairDiningHotel.Sims3Pack]
– Super 7.5 Deluxe Suite- No So Mini Bar Stool [barstoolHotel.Sims3Pack]
– Super 7.5 Deluxe Suite- No So Mini Juice Bar [barHotel.Sims3Pack]
– Super 7.5 Deluxe Suite- Tuff Stuff Dining Table [tableDiningHotelRound.Sims3Pack]
– The Complete Confection Poster [paintingPosterIcecreamKP.Sims3Pack]
– Toyota Prius Plug-in Hyb [CarPriusPlugIn.Sims3Pack]

35th Update

Sets: India Inspirations Collection, Fabulous Fiesta!
– Fabulous Fiesta! [FiestaNSOMexKitDiningSET.Sims3Pack]
– India Inspirations Collection [ModernIndianLifeStyleSET_original.Sims3Pack]

Bonus & Free Stuff: 3
– Ice Cream Cone Throne [chairLivingIceCreamThroneKP.Sims3Pack]
– Silly Sweet Wall Treat [sculptureWallCandySign.Sims3Pack]
– Soft Served Sugary Sweets Bush [sculptureBushIceCreamKPpotted.Sims3Pack]

34th Update

Sets: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!, When Worlds Collide Collection, Seeing Stars
– Happy St. Patrick’s Day! [STPatricksDaySET.Sims3Pack]
– Seeing Stars [GlamHypnotizerNSOSET.Sims3Pack]
– When Worlds Collide Collection [FutureShockMidCModNSOSET.Sims3Pack]

Bonus & Free Stuff: 4
– Freestyle DJ Booth [DJTurntableModernSet.Sims3Pack]
– Katy Perry Collectors Edition Set [EP6KatyPerrySet.Sims3Pack]
– Origina-al Beats 5000 Stereo [stereoSurfaceMidCPop.Sims3Pack]
– Ultimate Venue and Stage [EP6VenueStageSet.Sims3Pack]

33rd Update

Sets: Adventurous Life!, Never ending Honeymoon!
– Adventurous Life! [LifeOfAdventure.Sims3Pack]
– Never ending Honeymoon [NeverEndingHMSet.Sims3Pack]

Bonus & Free Stuff: 1
– Sweet Life Pack [PriusVDLCset.Sims3Pack]

32nd Update

Sets: Killer Classics, Edwardian Expression Kitchen, Steampunk Kitchen,Year of the Dragon, Happy Valentines Day 2012!, More Magic!
– Edwardian Expression Kitchen Set [EdwardianKitchenSet.Sims3Pack]
– Happy Valentines Day 2012 [valentine12Set.Sims3Pack]
– Killer Classics [KillerClassicsSet.Sims3Pack]
– More Magic! [MegaMagicSet.Sims3Pack]
– Steampunk Kitchen [SteamPunkKitchenSet.Sims3Pack]
– Year of the Dragon Set [ChineseNewYear12.Sims3Pack]

31st Update

Sets: 12/2011 Compilation: Japanese Inspired Clothing Collection, Japanese Inspired Living Compilation, Happy New Year 2012 !!!, Finest Living, Finest Cooking, Happy Holidays to your Furry Friends!, Mid Century Modern Kitchen Marvels
– Ford Focus Thrill Seeker Pack [FordFocusThrillSeekerSet.Sims3Pack]
– December 2011 Compilation Set [Dec2011Set.Sims3Pack]

Bonus & Free Stuff: 11
– ‘Ovalisque’ Dining Chair [chairDiningQueenTall.Sims3Pack]
– Battle Hymn Low Table [tableCoffeeMilitary2x1.Sims3Pack]
– Bruno d’Infanto – Honor Vengeance Edition [teddyBearKnight.Sims3Pack]
– Double Wiccenculta Bed [bedDoubleFleurDeLysHeadboard.Sims3Pack]
– Libri Fo Fibri’ Marble Bookshelf [bookshelfQueen2x1.Sims3Pack]
– Peguestrian Springstone Statue [sculptureStatueUnicord.Sims3Pack]
– The (RED) Poster [paintingPosterRed.Sims3Pack]
– The Fortress of Shared Dreams [bedDoubleMilitaryFlagPosts.Sims3Pack]
– The Sword in the Chair [chairDiningMilitarySwordBack.Sims3Pack]
– The Unabominable Krustallos of Seljaq-Ghazhadid [mirrorFloorDoubleDragon.Sims3Pack]
– Wiccenculta Sofa [sofaSorceress.Sims3Pack]